Instructions For Making Hanging Lamp

Instructions For Making Hanging Lamp

First decide which size of lamp shade you want to make, we have 5",7" and 10". Then take a #2 pencil to make your pattern, put a dot on the shade every place you would like to put a Tri bead or Novelty bead to go, do the whole shade and look it over, if you don't like what you see erase that dot and put it some place else.


Method #1: If using American Tri beads you will drill all holes with a # 11 drill bit, use a long nose pliers on Tri bead and push in hole, the USA beads will fit tight.

Method #2: You can drill a 3/16 hole for all beads, then you put a dab of glue on the tip of bead and glue them in.

Which way is easier for you, it is your choice. Don't be fooled by foreign beads they are only 10 1/2mm, even though you may be told11mm. 11mm is the true size of American Tri beads. Novelty beads such as Doves, Butterflies, Twist, Globe, Flowers, Bowties use #11 drill bit and glue on base. Pin beads use a 3/32 drill bit or a 1/16 which ever you prefer. All Novelty beads are made in China. Now that you have your beads in, you are ready to assemble the electric parts to your lamp.

  1. Drill a 3/8" hole in top center of shade, pass your power cord through center of hanger loop(1" or larger), than through top of shade 3/8" hole from inside shade. Add to power cord, threaded nipple, washer and nut. See Illustration below for steps 1 thru 6.
  2. Pass power cord through metal bracket of socket, secure power cord to wire terminal screws by wrapping one wire around each screw and tighten securely. (Some tie cord in an over hand knot before securing to screws, a matter of choice.)
  3. Screw nut onto nipple and screw socket snugly against it, then pass nipple up through 3/8" hole on top of shade. Screw top loop tightly against top of shade, pull any excess wire inside shade up through loop.
  4. Drill 3 evenly spaced 1/8"dia. holes approximately 1/4" from bottom edge of shade. Holes should allow screws to slip through. Drill 3 matching holes slightly smaller in shade bottom, make screws cut own thread by using screw driver in bottom piece. Place these holes about 1/4" from edge.
  5. Add light bulb, maximum 25 watts recommended for 5" shades, 40 watts for 7" shades and 60 watts for 10" shades. WARNING: Bulbs with too much wattage for the size shade you are using could damage your shade or create a fire hazard!
  6. Put 3 tapping screws (supplied in your light kit) through shade bottom, keep them evenly spaced, do not over tighten since to much pressure could crack your shade.

Here are some other variations to making lamps:Diagram

  1. Add a chain to the top loop about 1' or longer.
  2. Put a top brass cap between top of shade and top loop.
  3. Use one of the gold bases to make a table lamp (Pictured on bottom of finished product pictures)
  4. Use harps inside shade, run socket from bottom, use threaded nipple to make top shade stand from bottom at any lentgh.
  5. Use 2 shades put together one smaller-one larger, makes attractive lamp.